Pallet Truck


img lable lable EP15 N01 EP15 N01
Electric pallet truck

Load capacity 1500kg

The EP15-N01 pallet truck is the Baoli solution for all low- and medium-intensity transport situations. It is the ideal solution to speed up transport and shipping operations, even and specifically inside trucks.


  • Reliable AC electronics
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Automotive battery
  • High stability thanks to the stabilizing wheels
  • 2 x 12V 85Ah batteries


The built-in battery charger ensures the best performance with high autonomy. The highly ergonomic drive tiller arm allows safely controlling the vehicle with one hand and it has a slow drive button to safely operate in the tightest spaces. It features a battery charge indicator with lifting cut-off function. Alternating current electronics guarantees high performance and greatly reduced maintenance. The forks are available in different sizes.