Pallet trucks

EP16-N01  EP20-N04  EP25-N02

img lable lable EP16 N01 EP20 N04 EP25 N02 EP16 N01   EP20 N04   EP25 N02
Electric pallet truck

Load capacity 1600kg


Electric pallet truck

Load capacity 2000kg


Electric pallet truck

Load capacity 2500kg

The EP16-N01, EP20-N04 and EP25-N02 pallet trucks are ideal for loading and unloading from vehicles and for any type of medium-intensity handling.
Thanks to its ultra compact chassis, the EP16-N01 model is ideal for use in the tightest spaces.
High construction quality and high technological content make these pallet trucks a real benchmark in their sector, and they guarantee maximum efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.


The long tiller arm allows optimal and highly ergonomic control of the vehicle. In fact, it requires less operating force than pallet trucks with a short tiller arm and allows the driver to always keep an optimal distance from the vehicle.


  • Alternating current motors
  • Excellent driving modulability
  • CANBUS technology
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to the optimal component layout under the lid
  • Extremely robust structure and metal battery casing
  • Control electronics protected against water and dirt
  • 24V 160-210-350Ah battery