Reach trucks

ER 16-121 ER 20-121

DSC3846 680x1024 ER 16 121 ER 20 121
ER 16-121
(for extra-CE markets)
Reach truck

Load capacity 1600kg


ER 20-121
(for extra-CE markets)
Reach truck

Load capacity 2000kg

With ER 16-121 and ER 20-121 Baoli enters the market of Reach trucks, expanding its product range.

They have capacities of 1600 and 2000kg and can reach up to respectively 9500 and 11000 mm depending on the mast.


  • European and Japanese components ensuring quality and reliability
  • mast height up to 11m, allowing work in extremely high warehouses
  • wireless camera and monitor available as an option for precise manoeuvres
  • optional electric height positioning system used for saving most used shelfs positions
  • traction speed can be automatically reduced when the load is lifted