Diesel and LPG trucks

KBD 15-50S for extra-EC markets

KB 15 50 KBD 15 50S
KBD 15-18-20
Diesel truck

Load capacity 1500 – 1800 – 2000kg

Xinchang Engine

(for extra-EC markets)


KBD 25-30-35
Diesel truck

Load capacity 2500 – 3000 – 3500kg

Xinchang Engine


KBD 40-50S
Diesel truck

Load capacity 4000 – 5000kg

Weichai Engine

(for extra-EC markets)

Derived from the KBD+ series, the Diesel lift trucks of the KBD series are equipped with reliable Xinchang and Weichai engines and hydrodynamic transmission manufactured in China.

They are extremely reliable and their main strength is their ergonomics and ease of driving. They are distributed directly by Baoli EMEA in order to guarantee the same service and assistance level as the KBD+ series.


  • Technology developed by Baoli using KION Group technologies
  • The particular optimized shape of the counterweight increases safety enhancing the visual impact when driving in reverse
  • Lifting cylinders cushioned during descent for maximum safety when handling more delicate loads
  • Maximum visibility guaranteed by the lifting columns
  • Extremely robust driver’s cabin providing excellent visibility
  • Metal engine compartment lid for maximum resistance and functionality
  • Very spacious driver’s seat and very large operator footboard
  • Easy access to all the components
  • Very large engine compartment to ensure comfortable access to all the components