The EMEA network of Baoli achieves 245 dealers

A network that is spreading day by day within the EMEA market, allowing Baoli to be perceived as one of the fastest-growing players among the brands from the Far East and, on the other hand, to stand out as the most European brand among Chinese manufacturers, both in terms of product range and of commercial and marketing approach.

In the first months of these year Baoli signed with more than 40 new dealers:

  • 8 in Germany and Denmark
  • 6 in France
  • 4 in Romania
  • 3 in Netherlands
  • 2 in Spain and Poland
  • 1 in UK, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia and Kenya.


An extremely positive trend which encourages Baoli to go ahead developing its products and services in order to have an even stronger impact on an international scale.