Pallet trucks

EP 15-03

EP15 033 300x291 EP 15 03
EP 15-03
Pallet truck

Load capacity 1500kg

The EP15-03 is the new Baoli pallet truck for light duty horizontal transports: very light and easy to maneuver it’s a real flexible truck that can be used as an alternative to a manual hand pallet truck.

Thanks to the standard maintenance free 24V/20Ah lithium battery and interim charges this truck is the easy choice to solve every transport need.

With a load capacity of 1500kg and 560/685x1150mm forks, the EP 15-03 is a very compact and qualitative truck, perfect in very narrow spaces as drivable with the tiller in vertical position.

The new EP 15-03 clearly complies with all the current safety requirements, an essential feature of all the products of our group.