Pallet trucks

EP 20T

EP20T 2 1 EP20T
EP 20T
Pallet truck

Load capacity 2000kg

The Baoli EP 20T  pallet truck is the ideal solution for transporting goods over medium to long distances. The AC electronics and the electric power steering ensure high performance.


  • Reliable AC electronics
  • Extremely robust and reliable chassis
  • Standard electric power steering
  • Standard folding platform and operator restraint flaps
  • Up to 9km/h speed
  • 24V 210-250-270 Ah battery


The highly ergonomic drive tiller arm allows safely controlling the vehicle with one hand and it has a slow drive button to safely operate in the tightest spaces. The electric power steering helps the driver to steer the vehicle increasing safety and reducing fatigue. The standard folding platform and operator restraint flaps assure comfort and performances on long-distance applications. The sideways battery extraction system, available with 210 and 250Ah batteries, ensures a fast and safe battery replacement.