ICOGEF EQUIPEMENTS was to solve logistic problems of a palm oil refinery SIPEF CI in Ivory Coast with the KBD40

While suffering with many different brands of forklift trucks, because of the very difficult working conditions (ground very oily, warm and acid, 24h working), Icogef Equipments has provided the Refinery of SIPEF  with the needed guaranteed technical specifications of quality and robustness of the KBD40 forklift as well as the immediate delivery of the forklift and spare parts and excellent services during the life time of the forklift.

After a successful test phase and the satisfaction of the drivers and service team, the customer has ordered further forklifts to replace competition products and all the fleet will be replaced step-by-step.


With a huge stock of spare parts and many service vans of our technical department, all our clients are feeling confident with Baoli Forklifts.