Diesel and LPG trucks

KBD 50-100

KBD100 3 4 back dx 1024x719 KBD 50 100
KBD 50-100
Diesel truck

Load capacity 5000 – 6000 – 7000 – 10000kg

Isuzu, Doosan engine

The KBD 50-100 series lift trucks are designed for heavy duty. The available load capacities are 5000kg, 6000kg, 7000 kg and 10000kg, thanks to their Isuzu and Doosan engines they can satisfy the need of each market.

The wide and robust overhead guard is standing above a large and easy to access driver’s seat, and offers great visibility even for the highest loads. The reliable and high quality transmission ensures an high level of comfort. A broad range of options allows the customer to find the perfect combination for its own application, and it includes the full cabin with windscreen wiper and the internal fan / heater / air conditioner, the vertical exhaust, the 5th valve for the hydraulic system and the electronic driving direction selection. The quality of the components used guarantees lift truck reliability. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a sturdy quality product without unnecessary options.


Technology and comfort

  • Full aluminum radiator
  • Reduced diameter steering wheel (300mm) for excellent manoeuvrability
  • Standard load backrest and canopy for protection against the elements



  • Lifting cylinders cushioned during descent for maximum safety when handling more delicate loads
  • Maximum visibility guaranteed by the lifting columns and overhead guard
  • Extremely robust driver’s cabin providing excellent visibility
  • Metal engine compartment lid for maximum resistance and functionality
  • Very spacious driver’s seat and very large operator footboard
  • Optional electronic driving direction selector
  • Optional cabin with fan / heater / air conditioner



  • Easy access to all the components
  • Very large engine compartment to ensure comfortable access to all the components