KION Baoli enters the Russian market with a new network

KION Baoli EMEA has decided to closely target the Russian market which, with over 16,000 machines sold every year, offers incredible development potential. The first step was its participation at CeMAT in Moscow, the leading show in the area which welcomed over 120 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors. It was here that KION Baoli launched its mission to establish itself on the Russian market, presenting itself with a dedicated stand that proved popular with industry professionals, securing hundreds of business contacts. Visitors were particularly impressed with KION Baoli’s unique ability to combine the engineering and technology of the Kion Group with the pragmatism and attention to cost typical of products manufactured in Asia, which are very popular in Russia, representing around 40{90354bffebe040c78f3b7862b05581d4c14395c4a5b41edc3b7ccf2346aaa299} of the market.

To develop its presence in Russia KION Baoli has appointed Nikolay Romanov as area manager and project manager. Initially working at the STILL branch, where a large stock of forklift trucks ready for delivery and spare parts is already available, Romanov will seek to create a distribution network composed of the best and most qualified dealers on the market. The quality of the project is guaranteed directly by KION Baoli EMEA which, as well as selecting the dealers and training technical staff, will ensure the immediate availability of the vehicles and spare parts thanks to the Rolo hub which, covering an area of over 10,000m2, is one of the biggest spare parts areas in Europe. KION Baoli will represent a turning point for the Russian market: no manufacturer of forklift trucks from the Far East can count on a sound and well organised structure in this area to carry out market development as well as guarantee high levels of service.