BAOLI relies on international distance learning: 90 employees trained in 3 months.

To provide exhaustive answers to issues concerning the new engine emission levels that are being introduced, to present the characteristics of the KBD50-100 and KBG 15-50 truck range, and to describe the sales support tools made available to its sales network: these are the goals of the distance training courses launched by Baoli, a manufacturer of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment operating in more than 80 countries around the world, which from March to May provided about 90 collaborators with training on the topicality of logistics. A wide-ranging international training, since in the areas where it is difficult to overcome the linguistic barriers Baoli trained local experts who were entrusted with the important task of transferring the contents of the courses into the language spoken in their country, an important initiative that allowed the company to remain active even during the ongoing health emergency and at the same time to strengthen its commercial network of dealers worldwide.