The new Baoli EP20-111 pallet truck with platform

Baoli is proud to announce the new EP 20-111, the electric pallet truck specifically designed for moving loads on medium and long distances. With a capacity of 2.000 kg, foldable platform and armguard, EP 20-111 is the perfect match with Baoli product range, a truck which is made for use inside warehouses especially for all those companies frequently handling loads on medium range.

Before the launch, EP 20-111 has been tested for 12 months by 10 important customers active in large retails, automotive and fruit and vegetables markets. Every user was amazed by efficiency, maneuverability and strength of this platform pallet truck that reaches the top players of this segment with a lower price. EP 20-111 can be equipped with a powerful 360 Ah battery that can last for a whole working day. With a maximum speed of 12 km/h unladen and 9 km/h laden, EP 20-111 offers huge benefits against pedestrian pallet truck, it allows in fact to significantly speed up load movements and reducing moving times in medium and large warehouses. Agility and maneuverability are only two of the strong points of this pallet truck which mounts an ergonomic tiller associated to an electric steering system, a fundamental device which helps the operator in all maneuvers increasing safety and reducing fatigue. The truck can be customized in many ways even with longer forks up to 2400 mm so that the truck can move 2 pallets at a time.