The new KBD 50-100 heavy series with “EU5 COMPLIANT” Diesel engines

The Baoli KBD heavy series, with load capacities from 5000kg up to 10.000kg load centre 600mm, have represented an incredible success for Baoli n EMEA during the last 2 years. Today Baoli is launching the updated KBD 50-100 series, complying with the most restrictive standards in terms of pollution emissions and maintaining the perfect synthesis between German productivity and the competitive prices of Far Eastern products.


These are the main strenghts of the new KBD 50-100 trucks, with capacity from 5,0 t to 10.0 t, which Baoli is going to launch on the market starting from the summer season. The new engine assures EU5 pollution compliance, thanks to the pollution treatment with a DOC (Diesel oxidation catalyst) used in combination with a DPF (Diesel particulate filter) and a SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) using ammonia as the reducing agent. An incredible low consumption value is guaranteed as well through the optimization of the piston bowl, the injector nozzle and an optimized air management system. But that’s not all because it’s also increased the convenience for the customers thanks to the auto tensioning belt drive system and a fully electronic controlled injection system.

The new trucks have also more power than the previous series because they’re equipped with an extra inter-cooler for air intake system, a new bigger size water radiator and an extra oil radiator. The results is a cooling efficiency up to 20% more than the previous ones. On transmission side the KBD 50-100 have new characteristics in order to control better the new performances, with a more efficient brakes cooling (+50%) an an increased brakes lifespan as well. Finally, the new series confirm the previous ones’ driveplace, assuring very good visibility in any travel direction and a great level of comfort.