Internal combustion forklifts KBD 25-35 / KBG 25-35

  • Load capacity 2500 - 3000 - 3500 kg
  • Rated lift 6500 mm

The KBD/G 25-35 forklifts are designed to provide reliability, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Manufactured in the new KION production plant in Jinan, the KBD/G 25-35 is the perfect choice for almost all applications.

The KBD 25-35 series is available with load capacities of 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 tonnes.

Diesel trucks are equipped with a powerful HDI engine, EU5-compliant; the Weichai engine is offered for the markets where CE conformity is not required.

The KBG 25-35 series with HDI LPG engine offers the same load capacities as the diesel models.

The KBD/G 25-35 forklifts are equipped with high-quality and smooth hydrodynamic transmission.

The new mast design, with lifting height up to 6.500 mm, provides wider view for operator.

The mast profile and the layout of the hoses guarantee excellent view of the fork tips and the load ensuring safe and fast good handling.

The fork carriage is offered with 6 rollers as a standard with option for 8 rollers; customer benefit is lower maintenance cost due to higher rollers and mast profile durability compared with 4-roller fork carriage.

The options of hang-on or integrated side-shifter ensure faster loading and unloading operations.

The drive compartment has been designed focusing on operator’s comfort and safety: suspended driver’s cabin, comfortable seat, adjustable steering wheel, electric forward / reverse travel direction switch, foot activated parking brake, side-mounted hydraulic levers, multicolor display, storage compartments, USB chargers, rear handle with horn.

The suspension system for the overhead guard absorbs vibrations caused by uneven floors.

The foot activated parking brake ensures less effort to engage and disengage it compared to hand parking brake.

The color screen display provides the driver with a wide range of information on truck status: hour meter, fuel level, travel speed, request of planned maintenance, alarm state.

Safety and visibility are further enhanced by a comprehensive range of available lights: front/rear lights, front/rear working spotlights, front/rear blue spot and flashing beacon

The lights are with LED technology for lower energy consumption and are protected by metal covers for higher durability.

The overhead guard is offered with retrofittable half / full cabin option; customer has the flexibility to upgrade the truck to half or full cabin version.

The quality of the components and the accessibility for maintenance operations ensure outstanding reliability.


Powerful HDI and Weichai engines suitable for all EMEA markets

High-quality and smooth hydrodynamic transmission

Lower maintenance cost with 6 / 8-roller fork carriage

Many options for safety lights: front/rear lights, front/rear working spotlights, front/rear blue spot and flashing beacon

Lights with LED technology for lower energy consumption

Easy access to all main components for maintenance operations

Metal engine compartment bonnet for maximum resistance and functionality

Inching pedal for high precision handlings

Ergonomics and workplace

New mast design: wider view for operator

Drive compartment designed focusing on operator’s comfort and safety

Overhead guard suspended to absorbs vibrations

Foot activated parking brake: less effort for engaging / disengaging

Color screen display with wide range of information for the driver

Electric forward / reverse travel direction switch

Adjustable seat and steering column

Rear handle with horn

Very large and comfortable operator footboard

Overhead guard offered with retrofittable half / full cabin option

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