Multifunction Vehicles KBO 01L

  • Load capacity 90 kg
  • Rated lift 5000 mm
  • Battery 24 V, 135 Ah Li-ion

The KBO 01L is the new Baoli multifunctional vehicle, representing a new generation of trucks, able to guarantee optimal handlings in smaller volumes. If compared to its competitors the KBO 01L excels for a really intuitive interface. Indeed instead of complicated turning systems our truck offers a very simple steering wheel, making very easy and precise any movements inside narrower aisles and cornering. This increases a lot the operator safety preserving the goods as well. Thanks to its very compact design and low weight this truck has been designed for very narrow aisles, and it’s really perfect for any retail environment. With an up to 5,0 m picking heights and 90kg of load capacity, the KBO is always guaranteeing a very good efficiency when goods need to be picked or stored in shelves and racks and whenever is needed a 3m elevating platform. Safety comes first, as usual for Baoli, with this truck. Reduced travel speed and automatically locked doors when operator platform is lifted, sensors on the handles to detect operator's correct driving position, emergency control of the lifting function and emergency valve for lowering the operator platform are true safety factors. Everything comes easy with this truck, without forgetting the operator comfort as well: an optimized operator drive place, with the comfortable platform, the storage compartments and with the already mentioned user-friendly controls, allows less efforts during the working day. Proportional drive controls allow to perfectly manage the traction functions and the electric lifting platform of the truck. A maintenance free Lithium-ion battery and on-board charger guarantee a high truck availability.


Picking height of up to 5000 mm

Elevating working platform up to 3000 mm

Ergonomic designed compartment and user-friendly controls

Lithium-ion battery and on board charger

Reduced travel speed and automatically locked doors when operator plaftform is lifted

Sensors on the handles to detect operator's correct driving position

Proportional drive controls

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