Reach truck KBR 14-20

  • Load capacity 1400 - 1600 - 2000 kg
  • Rated lift 10655 mm
  • Battery 48 V / 465 - 600 - 700 Ah

The KBR 14-20 series provides a versatile selection to meet various load capacities and operational requirements. The line-up comprises the KBR 14, with a load capacity of 1.400 kg, the KBR 16L with load capacity of 1.600 kg and lifting heights up to 9,4 meters. The series is completed by the KBR 16 and KBR 20, designed to handle loads of 1.600 kg and 2.000 kg respectively, with lifting heights up to 10,6 meters.

Engineered to meet to the needs of warehouses and distribution centres, the KBR 14-20 series achieves extended autonomy using 48-Volt batteries with a capacity of up to 700 Ah.

Safety and stability are ensured by a robust chassis. The availability of numerous options for warning devices and lights enhances overall safety.

Operator comfort and accessibility are central to the KBR's design, featuring ergonomic controls and a user-centric cab layout. The mast and overhead guard design, along with the integrated side shifter, ensures the operator's visibility of forks and loads for safe and efficient goods handling. Hydraulic functions are operated by mini levers, and the compact electric steering control enhances maneuverability. The seat and steering console are fully adjustable to accommodate drivers of different sizes.

The steering system offers four options to adapt to various driver preferences: 180° / 360°, combined with standard / inverse steering. Additionally, the operator is supported by a height indicator and height selector, contributing to enhanced driver comfort and safe, efficient goods handling.

A state-of-the-art electronic controller governs all electric and hydraulic functions, ensuring safe and silent operations combined with energy efficiency.


Fork carriage with integrated side shifter for efficient goods handling

Battery options to suit every type of application: 48-volt batteries with capacities ranging from 465 Ah to 700 Ah

Drive and lift motors with AC technology ensure maintenance-free operations

Wide range of warning devices and lights available for enhanced safety

Ergonomics and workplace

Ergonomic driver compartment with an adjustable seat and steering console position.

Color screen display for quick access to key information on the truck's status.

The design of the mast and overhead guard ensures visibility of forks and load.

Electronic forward/reverse switch for fast and easy inversion of the driving direction

Hydraulic mini levers easy and intuitive to operate

Electric steering system that adapts to various driver preferences.

Height indicator and selector for enhanced driver comfort, safer, and faster goods handling.

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