Pallet Stackers KBS 12 / KBSI 12 / KBSM 12

  • Load capacity 1200 kg
  • Rated lift 3600 mm
  • Battery 24 V, 60 Ah Li-ion

The KBS 12 is the entry-level model in our range of electric pallet stackers.

With a capacity of 1,2 tons, the truck is available with single and two-stage telescopic mast and lift heights up to 3.600 mm. Forks are available with an overall width of 570 or 685 mm for different load unit standards. Stability is guaranteed by four-wheel chassis.

The KBS 12 is the perfect choice for light-duty applications in small and medium-sized warehouses.

KBS 12 range can be used for pallet stacking, transports of goods and low-level order picking.

Due to its compact dimensions, KBS 12 operates even in the tightest working areas and narrow aisles; in addition, driver can easily manoeuvre the truck in tight areas with the tiller raised in vertical position.

KBS 12 is the first Baoli stacker equipped with maintenance-free lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion battery and built-in charger allow easy intermediate charging, ensuring high availability and flexibility; the battery can be recharged at any 230 Volts socket.

Drive and lift functions are operated via the ergonomic tiller handle, easy to use with either hand.

Multifunctional display on the tiller shows hour meter, battery charge status and service information. Pin code access ensures protection against unauthorized use and avoids problem of lost keys.

The long tiller arm ensures ergonomic control of the truck; less force is needed to steer the truck and the driver is at a safe distance from the vehicle.

Center-mounted tiller and mast profile ensure excellent view of the forks and the load.

The panel in front of the mast prevents the driver from injuries.

The truck is also available with initial lift function (KBSI 12) and single stage mono mast (KBSM 12).

Initial lift offers advantage by providing higher ground clearance for better handling on light ramps and floor bumps.

KBSM 12 (mono mast version) is suitable for a wide range of applications: pallet stacking, transports of goods and low-level order picking. The mono mast also provides the driver with the best view of the fork tips, so pallets can be handled easily.

Technology and features

24 V / 60 Ah lithium-ion battery and built-in charger: quick and easy charging directly 230 V socket

Single and two-stage telescopic mast up to 3600 mm lifting height

Forks with an overall width of 570 or 685 mm

Compact dimensions and creep speed function for tightest working areas

Tiller easy to use with either hand

Multifunctional display

Pin code access

Transparent mast cover to prevent operator's injuries

Excellent view of the forks and the load

Metal motor cover

Initial lift function (KBSI 12) and mono mast (KBSM 12) available for a wide range of applications.

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